10 ways in the united states are different from the uk unis.

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Universities in America work very differently for those who in the UK-from assessments and classifications to accommodation and sports teams-there are a lot of things that do.

You've probably seen a lot of movies and TV shows about the university life in the United States, but it's hard to separate the fact from fiction ...

What is a fraternity? What's the major? And how expensive are the American training fees? We answer all your burning questions below ...

The difference between the US and the UK is unis.

The value in US degrees is 4 years.

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In the UK, most of the bachelor's degrees are in the last three years, unless you are.

In the US, however, courses are more generally held for four years (with some extended periods of up to six years), as more attention is paid to the study of a wide range of subjects. As a rule, you should spend a year looking at a course in the United States than in the UK ...

It is also worth noting that, unlike Great Britain, most PhD programs in the US do not require students to have a master's degree. It is quite common for students to move to doctoral degrees from undergrad ...

The system of American estimates is very different.

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In the UK, you will be awarded as a percentage for each estimate you are assured. They are then averaged over your whole class (some will cost more than others) to form your final classification ..

This works mainly:

Students who cannot reach the third for a few marks will receive an ordian degree, without honor ...

In America, however, all evaluations fall into A-F. At the end of your degree these values are averaged and converted to the middle point of the city (Gade Point Average, GPA) from 0-4 ..

How to convert British estimates to GPA.

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In the first or two years at the University of the United States, you study a wide range of subjects similar to what you will have in secondary school. For example, even if you are studying the degree of liberal art, you can assume that you will take the "Mata" module ...

You will progress from the freshman year (first year), in your second-year (second), junior (third) and senior (you guessed it ... the fourth), where you will have the opportunity to focus on the subject you really want to study ..

If you want to learn something like that.

However, even after you have declared your main topic (main theme), you will still expect to receive modules in other items ..

In the UK, however, optional modules are usually accepted in different subjects for the first two years, but to be on a specialized theme in the last year ...

There are many more estimates.

In the UK, most of the uni modules will have two or three major evaluations-perhaps one or two pieces of cabanas and a large exam at the end of ...

In the United States, however, additional essays, quizzes and normal homework assignments are made during the year. It means there's less time to relax, but less pressure on good in.

Although all courses will be different, American universities tend to place more emphasis on taking care of the work than the exams. In addition, as there is a much less independent study, attendance is very serious, and you will reset your estimates if you continue to not become ...

America costs more money.

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Despite the cost of £ 9,000 a year for tuition in the United Kingdom, it is unlikely that American universities will cost much. The fees vary depending on the duration of the course, regardless of whether you are in the same state as you live or move, and whether you choose a public or private university ..

Most US universities are private (Yale University, Harvard, etc.) and.

It also means that this is incredibly common for university students.

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Timing doesn't match.

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Although it varies from university to university, most academic terms in the US begin in mid-August. Meanwhile, courses in the UK generally start in September, although some start in October ...Most universities in America will have a really long Christmas can, usually since mid-December, but sometimes at the end of November for Thanksgiving, with a resumption in mid-January ...

Meanwhile, Christmas holidays in the UK are generally shorter, but then students will get another holiday through Easter shortly after ...Sport is support.

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Of course, all British universities have sports teams, and students are encouraged to take part. Each year, many rival universities in the Warte tournaments ...

But in the United States, the GOMROMEN sports. Football matches in college are almost as popular as professional, and many talented students get their place at the university with a sports scholarship ...

Games are competitive and attending big matches is to highlight many conditions of students ..

Most of the students have to separate the room.

That's what you might have noticed in American TV shows and movies. Many American college students are sharing bedrooms in university halls with a roommate (and sometimes more than one) ..

The US universities seek to create a hospitable community and have a roommate ideal.

This is quite unheard in the UK (although this is happening in some universities)-for most students their main concern is.

Many British salons do not have the right to food, which means that students make their own meals in the kitchens, which is much more rare in the US-most students eat their food in the dining room ...

The food culture is not that big.Credit: Jacob Lund-.

In the US, the legal age is 21, so many university students cannot drink in the first two years if they start studying at 18. This means that events of type

Events most often include quizzes, day trips and construction of teams, rather than sex detectors and foam parties ..

This is a completely different thing than in the United Kingdom, where the first week of the week can revolve around club nights, flat parties and other activities related to alcohol, although there are many.

The Brotherhood and most things.

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If you were watching a film about the university life in America (Bad Neighbours, 22 Jump Street ... even the Monsters University), you will come to the brotherhood and most ...

These are exclusive social groups in some fraternity universities (or sometimes mixed), and most are for women. Members will be together, going on a day trip.In order to become members, students should be invited to complete the pledging process. Some groups organize humiliating or offensive calls and challenges for potential members, known as hazing, but are now banned in 44 states ...

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